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The one-line diagram is the basis of analysis. Data collected in the field is entered into engineering software to build a snapshot of your existing power system. EDS uses Easypower® Power Engineering Software designed and marketed by ESA. Building the one-line diagram consists of adding each type of electrical component to the software and adding the proper data associated with that component.

Typical components that would be shown with specific data:
  • Circuit Breakers
    Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, etc. All manufacturers, models and settings are recorded and entered into the software model.
  • Transformers
    KVA, Impedance, Voltage, and other settings
  • Cables
    Size, Insulation Type, Raceway, Conductors Per Phase
  • Fuses
    Manufacturer, Type, Size, Ratings

Once this data is entered, many different types of power system analysis can be performed such as: Short Circuit Analysis, Protective Device Coordination, Load Flow Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, and Arc Flash Analysis.

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