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Hundreds of deaths and thousands of disabling electrical injuries occur on the job each year, and most injuries could have been prevented by implementing NFPA 70E compliance.

Our Mission Statement

“EDS will provide for our customers the most comprehensive up-to-date on-site electrical safety training, electrical engineering services, equipment labeling and consultation within the industry, meeting and exceeding the mandates of OSHA, NFPA 70E, and NEC. EDS will provide instructors and engineering service providers who are documented field qualified and passionate about safety.”

No one should get injured or lose their life trying to make a living. This is a foundational belief that has been at the core of our business since day one of Electrical Diagnostic Surveys (EDS), and continues to direct our operations today. EDS specializes in many different aspects of electrical training and engineering. We have the ground level field experience to ensure optimal compliance with OSHA.

Our Story

EDS was founded by Bob Ruggles, a journeymen electrician with 31 years field experience. Like most electrical workers, Bob was aware of the potential risk of electrical shock and/or electrocution. But Bob often chose not to use insulated gloves to keep himself from becoming part of the circuit. In his opinion, the voltage-rated gloves were bulky, uncomfortable and kept him from getting a feel for the job task he was performing.

This all changed for Bob when he attended a funeral of a childhood friend who was electrocuted while working on a 120V lighting circuit. He was a qualified industrial electrician who neglected to shut off the power feeding the circuit, verify zero energy and insulate himself by wearing his voltage-rated gloves. This incident influenced Bob to make a cultural change. He had lost a dear friend, and he realized his own lack of self-discipline and awareness wasn’t up to where it should be regarding electrical safe work practices.

What Bob came to realize from this tragedy is that safety is just another word until it becomes personal. After the sale of Bob’s electrical contracting business in 2005, he desired to make a difference in the lives of electrical workers. This would be accomplished by raising awareness and training workers about safe work practices as outlined within the NFPA 70E and NEC documents. (These national consensus standards provide for electrical safety in the workplace and installation requirements.) If these standards were implemented, workers would be safe from the shock, thermal hazards and other hazards involved when working on or near electrical equipment. Installations would also be considered safe to operate.

Our Advantages

EDS instructors have field experience in the electrical trade in the commercial, industrial, and utilities, and are extremely knowledgable in the National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014, OSHA 1910 Subpart S, OSHA 1926 Subpart K, and the NFPA 70E. Best of all EDS trainers are passionate about electrical safety.


Our electrical safety training classes are among the most thorough, comprehensive, and results-oriented training modules in the business. Our goal is to cross the “t” in training, and dot the “i” in incident prevention methods. We can help your company meet and exceed the OSHA mandate for employers to provide a safe work environment for your employees.


EDS rests in the sweet spot between being large enough to handle any client’s training or electrical engineering needs, yet small enough to give them the personal attention they deserve. True to our roots, we are passionate about providing our clients with a safe, efficient operation, in which, both the employee and the employer thrive.

Meet our team
Robert V. Ruggles
Robert V. Ruggles CESCP
Lead Electrical Safety Instructor

Mr. Ruggles has successfully trained thousands of workers in safe electrical work practices including NFPA 70E Arc Flash Training, Medium/High Voltage Safety Training, Lockout/Tagout Training, NEC Updates, and Meter/Diagnostic Equipment Safety Training. He is passionate about educating electrical workers in safe electrical work practices.

Mr. Ruggles is an Electrical Section Member of the NFPA, and is a electrical safety consultant for numerous clients as well as a Mid-America OSHA Instructor for over 8 years.

He provides the most current training and certification in safety and health standards to federal and state agencies and the public sector, National Fire Protection Agency – Electrical Section Member, Former owner of Mid-Valley Electrical Contracting –15 years, Former Journeyman Electrician working as a member of IBEW Local #82, Developed and patented three award-winning safety products for the electrical industry.

Brandon J. McLaren
Brandon J. McLaren CESCP
Electrical Instructor /
Project Manager

Mr. McLaren has spent the last nine years working in the commercial and industrial industry for numerous electrical consulting engineering firms. He is a creative, highly capable power system and electrical safety consultant with experience predominantly including power systems analyses of large industrial distribution systems, including short circuit, arc-flash, power flow and protective device coordination. Other experience includes the design, installation, and maintenance of power distribution systems for commercial and industrial facilities. Mr. McLaren manages teams of engineers to provide on-time, on-budget, project deliverables as well as proficiently performing project tasks to achieve client objectives.

Mr. McLaren is also a technically proficient electrical safety trainer in accordance with NFPA 70E and OSHA, and has trained hundreds of workers in the hazards of electrical systems. He has trained in over thirty different states including Alaska, and has authored numerous training programs based upon OSHA CFR and NFPA 70E.

Craig E. Kasper
Craig E. Kasper

Electrical Instructor / Consulting Engineer

As a consulting engineer, Craig creates alternative and renewable energy solutions in the public and private sectors; identifies, designs and implements energy efficiency projects for commercial and industrial customers; and works with electric utilities on various infrastructure upgrades. He is also a certified instructor for Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) for classes in facility electrical systems and energy conservation techniques under the national Building Operators Certification (BOC) program. Craig has authored electrical safety training programs including Arc Flash Hazard for the Ohio Public Facilities Maintenance Association (OPFMA)

Craig spent over 38 years in the electric utility industry in both supervisory and executive management positions in field operations and corporate engineering. He has been in power and energy consulting businesses for the past 12 years.

Craig holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University and a Master of Business Administration from Kent State University.

Mike McIntosh
Mike McIntosh
Electrical Instructor / Electrical Technician /
Site Safety Consultant

Mike brings 45+ years of experience to the classroom. He worked for Armco/AK Steel as a journeyman maintenance millwright, electrician, technical repairman and manager for 37 years. He was the Director of Apprentice and Journeyman Training for 20 of the 37 years at AK Steel where not only technical material was taught but also safety.

In the last 8 years Mike has instructed OSHA classes for General Industry and Construction along with being a site safety consultant on many projects. In addition, he has instructed workers on NFPA 70E Arc Flash, Lockout/Tagout and meter safety.

Bradley Ruggles
Bradley Ruggles
Electrical Safety Instructor /
Automation Specialist

Brad has worked closely with engineers and maintenance staff to promote electrical safe work practices. He possesses over 20 years of industrial, electrical and electronic experience which was mainly focused on process control and automated control systems. His job duties included control panel design, PLC, HMI, SCADA programming, capital project management for large automated systems installs and commissioning of new equipment.

Jones Lang LaSalle

“This was really helpful to all the crew and will correct any issues. Put the fear of God on how serious this stuff is”

Architect of the Capital (Washington DC)

“Excellent content for our unit to learn. The class was relevant and the instructor was great! Thank you for your training.”

Pacific Maritime Oakland

“All superintendent and management should be taking this course”

Flottwegg Separation Technology

“Highly informative course that just may save my life some day”

Wise Alloys

“Mr. Ruggles was very down to earth with a vast knowledge and understanding”

Consolidated Metal Products

“I now feel more comfortable in achieving a safe work condition when dealing with electricity”

Close the Loop

“Went above and beyond with explanations helping to better understand the course and questions asked”

Delta Petroleum

“I have a new respect for the job I do. Wow! Never realized the danger. Thanks!”

Bechtel Power

“The explanation of NFPA 70E was very precise. The facilitator presented total knowledge and ease of presentation. It heightened my awareness and re-emphasized importance of electrical safety practices”

Avon Products

“A very well spoken instructor who breaks down the technical terms to easily understand. I'm really looking forward to the retraining 3 years from now”

Pacific Maritime Long Beach

“Opens your eyes to the dangers we see every day – great course, should be more often than 3 years. Instructor has strong motivation for safe working environment. Scared me how little I knew!”

Ohio Dept of Corrections

“This training is likely a life saver. We had 90 of our electricians and maintenance workers attend a 3 day session. I can say that this was some of the most impact training of my 27+ year career. The re-enactments are extremely realistic and will leave an impression that will remain for a very long time.”

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